Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Generate more business by deploying full marketing services

Companies grow....because they deploy full blown marketing services. Now the question is...WHAT MARKETING SERVICES TO DEPLOY? I have the answer as I have the experience. I have seen inumerable companies grow when they followed a well planned marketing effort. This is very much true for start ups and mid staged organizations. I would like to throw the discussion open for all professionals who have been a part of such efforts and have seen its results. Let me start discussing some of the serivices which these companies should look to Here are they:
Prospect Database Development
Customer Database Validation
B-to-B Lead Generation
Email Campaigns
Event Recruitment
Website Management
Market Research
Pre-sales Response Management
L1 and L2 Support
I will discuss more about these services in the blog later. However all suggestions are most welcome...Thanks for reading this and your time.